Cooper’s Auto Service is dedicated to responsible business practices and ethical materials recycling. Ongoing partnerships with Emerald Recycling and Waste Management allow for industrial reuse or post-consumer product development of the following materials:

  • Plastic Containers: Recycled for post-consumer products.
  • Aerosol Cans: Recycled for post-consumer products.
  • Used Oil Filters/Scrap Metal: Delivered to local industrial metal recyclers.
  • Drained Oils (crank case, diesel, gear oil, gasoline): Blended for energy recovery and remanufacturing.
  • Car Batteries: Used batteries collected by suppliers for recycling.
  • Antifreeze and Flushing Liquids: Solvents are distilled and remanufactured.
  • Cardboard and Paper Products: Recycled for post-consumer products.

By recycling these materials we minimize the burden on local landfills, and make a positive impact on the environment we share.

Additional steps taken to ensure environment-friendly operations:

  • We purchase automotive fluids that are non-compressed, and compress them on site to avoid use of aerosol cans.
  • We use a specialized parts washer to dilute excess solvents, recycling the oily water and other solutions for wastewater processing.
  • Use of bio-friendly soaps and other cleaning products.
  • Use of high energy efficient florescent tubes.